Reviews and Client Testimonials

Testimonials Morgan Stephens defines our success based on excellent relationships with our employees, clients and candidates. We are proud to share the feedback from people whom have used our services:    

Morgan Stephens was honestly the best staffing agency I’ve ever worked with. The entire process was handled very promptly, and professional. I was provided with all the necessary resources in order to excel in my interview. Steve was always there to answer any inquiries or concerns I had. They are a truly dedicated team, who makes sure they put their best foot forward. – Read More

Honest and ethical with a focus on executive permanent placement services. – Read More

Working with Morgan Stephens recruiters to find a position was excellent. Laura, Steve, Joe, and Jennifer were very helpful in helping me through the process. They were very informative and encouraging. – Read More

Morgan Stephens is the best at what they do. The communication and process from job possibility ,to interview, and to on-boarding is top notch. Steve Kerrigan and Joe Tolland are always very pleasant and always kept me updated and informed while I was going through my on boarding process. Steve and Joe also always responded to any questions or concerns I had in a very timely matter. Communication is great, friendly s… – Read More

I am currently an employee with Morgan Stephens employed as a patient information specialist. I was just informed that I will be hired permanently for the position and I am so excited I had to write about how great my experience was. I can’t thank Morgan Stephens enough for helping me find my dream job. Morgan Stephens is like a dream team of recruiters. I worked with several different people in the process and they were all so extremely helpful. I first interviewed with Laura who was very kind and understanding. She asked me alot of questions but she told me that by doing so they were trying to keep me in mind for as many jobs as possible and not just the one I applied to. Laura set up my interview within 2 days!! That is when Steve assisted me with making sure I did well in my interview. He walked me through the job description and offered advice about what to expect in the interview. I felt so prepared and ready. I was offered the job a few hours later and I started in less than a week. Joe and Jen were so helpful with helping me get my background check and payroll forms completed online. Jen always answered my calls immediately. I was offered more money than in my previous job. This was the first time a temp agency actually paid me more and was able to get me hired permanently so quickly. I feel like they are my friends and that they were looking out for me. Thank you to the dream team at Morgan Stephens!!! I highly recommend you guys 🙂 – Read More

I was hired by a regional bank through Morgan Stephens on a temp-to-perm assignment. My recruiter, Heather Schild was fantastic!! Heather explained that she found my profile on LinkedIn and she assisted me with improving my resume and offered very helpful interview preparation tips.
Working as a temporary employee for Morgan Stephens was the best agency experience I have ever had. First, they have very good benefits and they pay 50% of the cost. Also, their employment paperwork and time sheets are all online. They do next day direct deposit so you do not have to wait until Friday to get paid. most importantly they delivered on their promise. I was hired by the bank at the salary range I was quoted. Thank you, Morgan Stephens!!Read More
Elaine F

The experience was one of the most professional I have ever been a part of. They pay was fair for the work done and it was always prompt.Read More

Working with Morgan Stephens recruiters to find a position was excellent. Laura, Steve, Joe, and Jennifer were very helpful in helping me through the process. They were very informative and encouraging. They helped me find ways to improve my resume. The communication process was excellent. Whether it was a call or an email, they responded quickly and made me feel comfortable in this process. I have worked with other agencies in the past, but never actually found a job. I liked that I received a call within days of my application and was set up for an interview in about a week after that. By the following week, I was hired. I even liked that Laura called me after my hiring to see how I was doing. I understand that this is a business, but I felt that everyone genuinely cared. The next day pay plan and paperless time sheets. I really enjoyed the whole process. I think one of the factors is that this agency focuses on specific types of fields. I don’t know how I could thank everyone at Morgan Stephens. This opportunity has truly changed my life. Thank you! – Read More

I loved that I would get an email response right away. And everyone that assisted me was so nice. – Read More

Morgan Stephens staffing is beyond amazing. The recruiters treat you with care and respect and place you in positions in which are suitable to see you succeed and be successful. My I boarding process was the smoothest EVER and they were their every step of the way and still are a major support system in order for me to have continued success in my new role. I seriously cannot thank Morgan Stephens enough for their hard work and dedication to locate the best opportunity to see me succeed in my career. Thank you MORGAN STEPHENS!!! – Read More