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Many recruiting agencies DC has to offer, make big promises to find new talent yet often turn out to disappoint. With Morgan Stephens, you can expect those promises to be fulfilled. Our staff is comprised of former hiring managers from the legal, medical and banking fields. Our past success has been driven by our dedication to our clients.  We work hard to understand what fuels our clients’ companies and enables the corporate culture to thrive. We then seek someone to fit these ideals, even if he or she is not actively searching in the job market.

The Morgan Stephens Difference

It takes time and effort, paired with a great team and product, to stand out from mediocre businesses. Unfortunately, without a superior team, your company won’t get very far. You can count on Morgan Stephens Washington DC executive recruiters to help you assemble the all-star team you are seeking.

    • Flexibility – Of all the IT and accounting recruiters Washington DC offers, we are certainly a smaller firm. That gives Morgan Stephens the ability to be more flexible. We can maneuver our schedules more easily and charge more reasonable fees. We work with you to create a recruitment plan that best fits your time and budget.
    • Opportunity – We stand out from other Washington DC recruiting agencies when it comes to finding the right fit for your company, whether or not they are actively searching in the job market. Even when it comes to medical staffing, DC may seem to have many options but none that seem to exceed your expectations. We dive into a search that includes employees who are already well situated and appreciated by their current employer but are open to other options.
    • Quality – We would like to say that we are one of the best executive recruiters DC has to offer, not only because of the top candidates that we provide but also in our business-to-business interactions.
    • Longevity – To become one of best DC recruiting agencies, successful placements year after year are required. With many headhunters and nurse recruiters in DC making promises, it is our strict intention to live up to ours. At Morgan Stephens, we know that a successful placement means we have done our job, and this is how we define our success. We only succeed when we know our clients are happy! One of the greatest compliments we can receive is when clients return to do business with us in the future.

We Provide Complete Service

With Morgan Stephens medical and recruiters in DC, employers can expect there to be no loose ends. By utilizing our services, you will be saving not only time but money as well.

      • Probation – With large purchases you might have a “rent to own” option; similarly, we give you the chance to try out your contract employee before you hire him or her on a long-term basis. In this way, you have a chance to see firsthand how well the employee fits the position and with the company culture. Each potential employee has 90 days from one’s start date to prove his or her worth to you; if you are not satisfied, we can find a replacement.   
      • Administration – When it comes to employee placement, we include administrative tasks as part of our services. For companies that usually hire temporary works or contract workers, this paperwork can seem to take up precious time. We organize and file HR paperwork such as workers’ compensation, health insurance and making sure you and your employees comply with the Affordable Care Act. Let your employees spend their hours working and not filing administrative paperwork.

Find Your Ideal Recruit Today

When you are looking for the perfect addition to help take your company to the next level contact Morgan Stephens medical, legal and banking recruiters in Washington DC. Our specialty is locating those impossible-to-find candidates and sending them straight to your door. We know there are many recruiting agencies DC has to offer you, yet we believe, after you partner with us, you won’t want to work with anyone else.

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